I write songs, occasionally. They’re mostly singer/songwriter stuff with guitar & piano.


A game about a decapitated Quake head trying to find its way home.

Microshaft Winblows 98

My full playthrough of this 90s “parody” software. It’s bad.

My Changing Faith

I gathered my thoughts on becoming a more progressive Christian and wrote it all down.

GFW Radio

My archive of the GFW Radio podcast, which was made by the editors of Games for Windows magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World magazine).

Bill Gates: The Road Ahead

I made a video to present this multimedia CD. It’s a strangely prescient view of the future by a younger Bill Gates.

Red Hot Monogamy

I trawled through the worst marriage advice book I have ever read to pick out the funniest quotes.

Windows 95 Starts Here

A humorously edited video of a multimedia CD designed to help businesses use Windows 95.

Quake Maps Blog

Screenshots of beautiful Quake Maps

Microsoft Wine Guide

A slightly bizarre piece of software from the Microsoft Multimedia catalogue in the 90s. I made this video to try to hilight the absurdity of this forgotten gem.

Gremlins Novelisation Review

I wrote thousands of snarky words reviewing the unintentionally hilarious Gremlins Novel by George Gipe Based on a screenplay written by Chris Columbus.