GFW Radio

My archive of the GFW Radio podcast, which was made by the editors of Games for Windows magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World magazine).

I loved this podcast so much. It ran from 2006-2008 and featured some of the funniest, well-informed critics in the gaming industry. Shawn Elliott’s anarchic sense of humour was a highlight of the show for me, as well as the inside baseball regarding the state of games journalism at the time.


Unfortunately, the older episodes of the show don’t seem to be available on the 1up website any more. I have archived all episodes of the show and uploaded them to the Internet Archive. This collection also includes video of Jeff’s final podcast and a bunch of best-of & reunion collections. Every podcast has been lovingly tagged and artwork for each episode is included. I’m very proud of this collection; it’s the most complete collection available online & it should keep fans busy for a while!

Here is the link

GFW Radio Archive (includes torrent link)

Here is a full list of the contents of the collection:

  • Every podcast, up until Shawn Elliott’s last episode, uniformly tagged & numbered (1-128) including album art from the 1up GFW page, and a description of each episode in the comment section. (All mp3s tagged as Disc 1)
    • Video of Episode 127, the Jeff Green farewell episode
  • A best of clip show, taken from Episodes 1-100, compiled by forum posters. (Tagged as Disc 2)
  • Three best of compilations (2006, 2007, 2008) from (Also tagged as Disc 2)
  • A collection of Hero of the Web segments from 2007, found on the 1up site but not linked anywhere. (Tagged as Disc 3 with titles)
  • Reunions (tagged as disc 4):
    • Pax 2009 Reunion, in three parts (video only - the geekbox audio version is bad quality so I didn’t include it here)
    • The Geekbox/Comedy Button Reunion, March 2012
    • The Geekbox/Comedy Button Reunion, April 2013
    • Pax 2013 Reunion (as hosted on geekbox) (All reunions are Tagged as Disc 4)
  • All issues of CGW & GFW Magazines that were published during the podcast’s run
  • Various videos from the gamevideos section of the 1up website:
    • Jeff Green/Anthony Gallegos Apology
    • Jeff Green “Goodbye Black Dragon”
    • Shawn Elliott “Game Giveaway” clip
    • Shawn Elliott & Crispin “May Contain Peanuts”
  • A word document with a copy of the 1up site’s GFW podcast listing, info on all the Best Of collections and the geekbox reunions.
  • Random Images relating to the show (SFW)
  • Images relating to the Comedy Button 2013 podcast (NSFW)