Dragging this site into 2020

I’ve been making some changes.

For context, here’s a general history of this site. Dates are guesswork:

  • A wordpress blog (2007-2015)
  • A Tiddlywiki page (I was being silly) (2015-2017)
  • A static Hugo site (2017-present)

Since switching to Hugo, I’ve been using the Creative Portfolio Theme, which I really like. But I honestly haven’t added any actual content since the first couple of months. This is partly because I haven’t been churning out any content in the last number of years. No videos, or songs, or big projects. And partly because, even though Hugo is super easy, it seemed like hassle to update it once I’d gone several months & forgotten how to even write markdown.

But here I am, learning markdown again, and putting some work into this site again. I’ve added this entire blog section, and kept it separate from the Portfolio section. I’d like to start writing again. Some of the esoteric stuff I might want to talk about is not something I would put on the portfolio section. I generally try to keep that section more accessible. But news about my current [archive.org] projects? Snippets of code that people might find handy along the way? Gathering random thoughts together? Let’s make a blog!

A couple of technical insights about this blog, mostly for my own reference later. I used this blog post to add tags to the single.html page in the _default directory of the hugo theme. Tags themselves were supported by the site out of the box. All I had to do was add a link to the tags page to the config.toml file. Same for blog posts - I just created a folder called “blog” in the content folder, and put some md files in it as blog posts. Added a link to it in the config.toml for the sidebar. Dead easy.

Next steps for this site are to add dates to the blog posts (but not to the portfolio posts!). Optimise the images on the portfolio page so they’re not so big & slow to load. Find a way to make an entire div the hyperlink, and not just the picture & title header text. But for now, things are looking pretty good.