GFW Radio

GFW Radio was a podcast made by the editors of Games for Windows magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World magazine).

I loved this podcast so much. It ran from 2006-2008 and featured some of the funniest, well-informed critics in the gaming industry. Shawn Elliott’s anarchic sense of humour was a highlight of the show for me, as well as the inside baseball regarding the state of games journalism at the time.


Unfortunately, the older episodes of the show don’t seem to be available on the 1up website any more. I have archived all episodes of the show, created a torrent of the same and am currently streaming all the episodes 247 to celebrate this re-release! The archive also includes video of Jeff’s final podcast and a bunch of best-of & reunion collections. Every podcast has been lovingly tagged and artwork for each episode is included. I’m very proud of this collection; it should keep fans busy for a while!

Here are the links:

GFW Radio Archive

GFW Archive torrent magnet link

For more information to see what is contained in the archive, check out this text file