I write songs, occasionally. They’re mostly singer/songwriter stuff with guitar & piano.


A game about a decapitated Quake head trying to find its way home.

Microshaft Winblows 98

My full playthrough of this 90s “parody” software. It’s bad.

Take a Random Break

A headline generator for trashy gossip mags.

My Changing Faith

I gathered my thoughts on becoming a more progressive Christian and wrote it all down.

GFW Radio

GFW Radio was a podcast made by the editors of Games for Windows magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World magazine).

Bill Gates: The Road Ahead

I made a video to present this multimedia CD. It’s a strangely prescient view of the future by a younger Bill Gates.

Red Hot Monogamy

The worst marriage advice book I have ever read.

Windows 95 Starts Here

A humorously edited video of a multimedia CD designed to help businesses use Windows 95.

Quake Maps Blog

Screenshots of beautiful Quake Maps

Microsoft Wine Guide

A slightly bizarre piece of software from the Microsoft Multimedia catalogue in the 90s. I made this video to try to hilight the absurdity of this forgotten gem.

Gremlins Novelisation Review

I wrote thousands of snarky words reviewing the unintentionally hilarious Gremlins Novel by George Gipe Based on a screenplay written by Chris Columbus.